City of Melbourne, DJSIR Fishermans Bend, City of Port Phillip, Bodriggy Beer Co., Wilderness Building Co, LIAN Architects, Australian Stitch

Shifting Sands is equal parts meeting place, event
space and playground. It aims to enhance the use,
patronage and enjoyment of the park, which is a new
but already important green space for residents of the
area and South Melbourne Primary School.
The installation is themed by the concerns of storm
flooding and coastline erosion that are becoming more
frequent and severe due to climate change. These
issues are particularly urgent in low-lying areas such
as South Melbourne, Fishermans Bend & the City of Port
The installation is made of a thousand sandbags
dyed in shades of blue that form ‘floodlines’ that
predicted storm surge scenarios would produce by the
year 2100 (Kirrip Park is only 1m above sea level). A
flood level indicator in the centre acts as an iconic
plaque, a literal beacon to bring in the curious and
Just like sandbags themselves, the installation
is a messenger of crisis and emergency, but more
importantly it is a messenger of collective action
and coöperation.