City of Melbourne, DJSIR Fishermans Bend, City of Port Phillip, Bodriggy Beer Co., Wilderness Building Co, LIAN Architects, Australian Stitch

EXCX is an urban design studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

We design, research and propose by adding ‘extra’ context to a site beyond the physical and regulatory definitions of its boundaries and a linear idea of history.

Our strategies include unearthing lesser known narratives of place (cultural, ecological and technological), playing with the levers and aesthetics of development to do more with less, and drawing counterfactual timelines and fictional artefacts to induce new synthetic identities and possible realities.

We aim to create complex, direct and delightful places through interventions that invite and challenge people to make new collective and future-oriented stories in urban space.

EXCX is Shereen Amin, Lauren Garner, Matthew Tibballs & Paul van Herk